Its Uniqueness Is A Selling Point

Its Uniqueness Is A Selling Point

Being a student has its downsides. Especially if you’re required to bring loads of books every single day to school, these books aren’t really light to carry as well. Lugging around a heavy backpack all day for 5 days a week can surely take its toll on your body. No wonder you already feel tired after you just got into school, and the day hasn’t even begun yet.

It is because of these concerns that zuca was created. It is a unique looking bag that gives you everything a bag offers as well as the ease and convenience in carrying your books that the backpacks do not. With its innovative design, it surely is a great alternative to the backpack and is surely going to change the luggage industry.

Functionality at its best

The Zuca bags are a unique blend of form and function all rolled into one bag. The bag generally consists of two parts, the “insert” which holds everything acts basically as the bag itself and the frame in which the insert is placed into. The frame has wheels attached to the bottom which makes it easier for you to carry around heavy stuff without the back pain attached to it as you would feel when you are using a backpack. If these functions aren’t enough for you, the bag also doubles as a seat so you can sit wherever you want, anytime you want. It also comes in handy when at times your classroom may run out of seats.

Make it YOUR bag

Since the bag itself is a combination of form and function, this is the form part of it. Often times, people choose a bag that they want because aside from its primary purpose which is to carry your things, the bag looks great. With the Zuca bags, you can fully customize the looks to your liking. There are several hundreds of designs for the inserts for you to choose from as well as around 8 colours for the frames, add these together and you get over a thousand choices in combinations. You can choose whichever combination works best for you right out of the box. With that amount of combinations, surely your bag will be as unique as the concept of Zuca.


Given time, you’ll probably grow out of the design for the bag that you chose and you might want to have another design. You can, without even needing to buy the whole set. Zuca can sell you parts of the bag separately which means whether you want to change the insert or the frame, you can do so by buying the parts that you want to be replaced or changed. As for spare parts, you can always buy spare wheels for whenever you want to change the wheels of the frame. So, instead of buying the whole frame for new wheels, you can just buy the wheels separately. This gives you the option to only buy the amount of wheels you need.

All in all, the Zuca bags are a unique and innovative alternative to the backpacks. It gives the user the ability to carry heavy things with relative ease and convenience, and with a lot of design combinations to choose from, you will never run out of ideas to make your bag look more unique as it already is.

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