Celebrity News That’s Leaked

Celebrity News That’s Leaked

Celebrity news that’s rumored to be ‘leaked’ is more than a little exciting! The world of celebrity gossip and tabloidism is something I’ve never really understood, but even if I did, the potential for being shocked, surprised or totally taken in is way greater!

Look who’s it-Looks Like Idol Cameraman Shanell Russell-Queen, She’s Gone! It was the Biggest Disappointment but Not for Any Reason Other Than There’s a Queen on the Show! Season Five of American Idol brought new blood into the very competitive show. The judges made a lot of changes in the process to try and strengthen the competition, but the “mixed” audience saw a lot of the same talent that the voting public has been seeing on previous seasons.

Whether they’d like to admit it or not, both Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber had found their “it” and it was all down to them finding out who it was. Those two got rid of any good reputation they may have had in the past by jumping from one “Poppin’ Party” to the next. They found themselves the focus of much discussion after they became teenagers in a major celebrity soap opera. But I can assure you that there will never be another production of American Idol where a very popular child actor is given his or her own season.

Meanwhile, the disaster that is American Idol season six got us wondering if Britney Spears has finally hit the bottom? If you remember what the Britney Spears concerts looked like, there was one particular concert in Vegas that got me thinking that the Vegas show may have set a new bar for the average concert attendance, and perhaps the second highest at that.

The fact that their shows are beginning to slow down at a time when big name stars are reaching their peak, makes me wonder if the concert industry is dying. Either way, if I were a betting man, I’d still put money on Britney Spears over the next few months.

Did we forget that Woody Allen and his famous movies are beginning to get another generation of fans? If ever there was a time to give his directorial debut a rest, it’s now.

It’s time to put our hands up and admit that we’re just waiting for the next big celebrity news story to break in the mainstream media. It’s almost as if we’re all waiting for the scandal to break!

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